IMVO company presents an innovative paperless picking system — "Pick-to-light".

"IMVO" company developes and implements solutions in order to optimize our customers' warehouse logistics for more than 15 years. From this year there is a new product in our portfolio, which allows to reduce operating costs and picking time – paperless picking system “Pick-to-light”.
If you work with large amount of SKU, you must know how difficult and expensive is to correct mistakes of picking (mistake in calculation, selection of goods, etc.). Paper-based picking is the least productive method and is often accompanied by such mistakes. Pick-to-light system is the best alternative to paper picking!
This convenient and intuitive system can be used in all types of warehouses and distribution centers. It is designed to improve the efficiency of warehouse management by automating the process of sorting different SKU.
                                                      How does this work
Ordering information is transmitted to WMS-system electronically. The worker, who has a specific color, finds the right section of rack quickly by light signal of the same color. Confirmation button will flash and the display will show the quantity of goods that must be selected. After selecting all you need is to press the confirmation button.

The system has many advantages, here are the main:
Increasing the productivity by 50%
Perfect accuracy, eliminating mistakes up to 100%
Acceleration of operations, reducing delivery time
Short payback period Individual settings to suit the working conditions
Easy integration with any type of ERP/WMS
System is controlled by a flexible protocol Ai-NET, which is compatible with all types of software
Temperature range is -30°/+50°C

Pick-to-light has many other advantages that are best shown with large number of SKU. Order status is monitored in real time and displays all processes in electronic form, which is the main criterion of modern approach to work. The introduction of this innovative system is not accompanied by any difficulty, Pick-to-light is easy to install, requires no additional equipment or special training manual. The system is simple at all stages!

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After analyzing the profiling information, our specialists will pick the most appropriate model of Pick-to-light, calculate the budget of project and payback time and show all benefits of the system, based on warehouse characteristics.