Mariana Kaniuka. Methodological determining of the appropriateness of opening of the distributional central network in the region N

Earlier this year IMVO company held a competition of student works. Below you will find the annotation of 5th year student of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" - Mariana Kaniuka.

Today, in developed countries, almost all foreign trade turnover, and most of the internal trade through regional logistics centers. They are essential to maintain the country's economic potential. After coming through them significant foreign exchange costs and taxes levied on such centers usually have a significant contribution to the state budget.

In Ukraine, the work of these centers only gaining turns. Most of the activity distribution centers using the retail network. Every retail chain to decide how to organize the work of the supply chain, namely a direct deliveries to each store retailers give the supply of goods is outsourced logistics operator or through distribution centers (DC).

The organization of direct supply - rather complicated process, because the development of a network of suppliers and supply volumes are growing, and managing the reception of the goods in the store is a complicated event that requires high internal organization and increasingly dependent on suppliers in terms of timeliness and quality. An alternative model of delivery - outsourced logistics functions. Modern providers offer a full range of logistics services. However, the limited number of professional operators, their service, although highly, but quite expensive. Therefore, using the services of logistics operators Retailers are not always satisfied with the "price-quality". Most retailers come to the choice of DC is how to ensure effective distribution network product. Properly organized DC (or DC network) to optimize logistics costs in the logistics chain from the supplier to the consumer. DC can deliver goods to stores ready for implementation, sorted and packed, not always in large quantities, but necessary. Goods not just stored, but processed, distributed to retail outlets. This allows you to do great storage space in supermarkets, increasing the area of ​​commercial space. Every company that sells at retail to be building reserves in the amount needed for daily and weekly sales at its stores, build and maintain the range of stability. The presence of DC to significantly reduce the purchase price, quick update range depending on customer demand, accelerate turnover and gain an advantage in the confrontation with competitors. DC is the only information center that receives and generates all the information about the range and quantity, ordering forms suppliers accept delivered products, and distributes products between stores.

  On the feasibility of constructing DC can talk completing analysis:
• the company's turnover, namely the determination of its stability;
• breadth of range and frequency of deliveries, thereby defining the number of suppliers TN;
• works logistics operators, and evaluating the satisfaction ratio "for money";
• development of the short-term and isolated;
• competition in the region;
• the region where it is planned to place the DC.

It is essential to build distribution center location. The main factors influencing the choice of the region to build distribution center is:
1. accessibility areas;
2. proximity of markets and customers;
3. local law;
4. costs of refining area.;
5. cost of land (rental).

When trading network is very large and stable, most companies are thinking about creating their own distribution centers. After all, the consumer must receive the required quality and quantity of the goods at the right time in the right place, from a reliable supplier with a good level of service and at a minimum total cost. Failure of at least one of these requirements may result in loss of customers, and possibly some market share.

So, retailers using in their work distribution centers can significantly increase your turnover, lower costs of supply, ensure continuity of supply to work directly with manufacturers to improve land use stores - shopping areas service and gain leadership among retailers.