Nissan Forklift trucks in Ukraine

At the end of 2011, the market for material handling equipment in Ukraine is estimated at 500 million UAH, which is 15% more than in 2010. The first quarter of 2012 showed an increase compared to the previous year by 23% - as in the segment of trucks and warehouse in the segment of electrical engineering.

Vehicles Nissan Forklift is represented in Ukraine by LLC «Demix» since 2009. During this time the Nissan Forklift brand entered the top ten leaders of material handling equipment sales volume of more than 40 brands represented in Ukraine. To date, the technique Nissan Forklift has gained the trust of major Ukrainian enterprises, such as the group company "Eurasia," NAEC "Energoatom", a group of companies "TNK-BP," and many others.

Погрузочная техника Nissan Forklift в Украине

Nissan Forklift’s production facilities are strategically located in Europe, Japan and the USA, providing the greatest flexibility in responding to the demands of different markets. The European production facility for forklifts is situated in Pamplona, Spain, with high quality output confirmed through ISO 9001: 2000 certification ISO 14001, and 1996 certification for Environmental Management Systems. Production of Nissan’s warehouse range is in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the facility also has ISO 9001: 2000 and 14001: 1996 certification.

As one the world’s leading manufacturers, Nissan Forklift offers a full range for the vast majority of industry’s materials handling requirements. This includes LPG and diesel forklifts from 1.5 – 8.0 tonnes capacity and three and four-wheel electric models from 1.25 to 3.0 tonnes. They are complemented by an extensive warehouse product range of:

  • Reach trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Pallet transporters
  • Pallet stackers

It’s a range that enables you to tailor the optimum solution totally to the needs of your logistics operation.

Nissan Forklift product designs are the result of extensive research – basic performance, durability, safety, operational ease, environmental information and the valuable feedback from a wide customer base. This painstaking attention to detail leads to materials handling equipment of the highest technical standard and quality possible.

The growing popularity of Nissan Forklift equipment in Ukraine is provided by two main models of forklifts - DX and TX.

In the first half of 2012 Nissan Forklift’s electric warehouse products are actively expanding its presence in this segment.

The most popular models of Nissan trucks have a lot of advantages over its competitors, which I would like to elaborate.

A distinct advantage of trucks with internal combustion engine (ICE) is Nissan engines. Today, these engines can be seen on most other brands of trucks, because they have proven to be the most reliable and economical. At the same time these engines on Nissan’s own forklifts work even better, because they were designed just for them. The range of engines consists of Dual fuel, LPG and Diesel models, which are designed for trucks with capacity from 1.5 to 8 tons. Based on our extensive automotive experience, emissions from Nissan’s engines are massively reduced. The resulting ultra low emission levels contribute to a cleaner and safer environment. Only Nissan LPG trucks are equipped with standard three-stage catalytic converter with electronic control - Nissan ECCS. Many models of Nissan forklifts are equipped with The Powertrain Protection System, which provides engine and transmission protection by controlling the engine speed and fuel delivery in the event of excessive heat generation. The LCD display will display a warning indicator notifying the operator of a fault and the VCM / ECM will engage Creep Home or Fuel Cut Control. This system is not just simply shutting down the engine, but firstly deliberately lowers the engine rpm so that it can cool down, and the operator had time to drive truck in a safe place.

In the field of vibration absorption Nissan went further than its competitors. Unlike other developments, Nissan's patented system absorbs not only the vibration from the engine and transmission, but also from the road. The heart of this system is the floating cabin, which is attached to the frame of the truck through the 'floating' support, securing attached hood, seat, front panel, etc. This system not only provides operator comfort, but also protects many components of the truck (such as electronics ), extending their life.

Standard instrument panel used on basic trucks is replaced by Nissan’s multifunctional LCD-display with control. It shows not only current information about the truck, but can do much more. There are three access areas with LCD display. These three categories - are: Administrator Mode, Operator Mode and Diagnostic Mode.

Administrator mode allows you to create passwords for five operators. In this mode, you can also determine how and when the operator must enter his password to continue.

In Operator mode as soon as the password system has been activated, each operator must enter the preset password to be able to control the truck. This mode allows an effective way to determine the productivity of each operator, as well as prevent unauthorized use or theft of truck. Accounting for hours of operation of the operator is in two versions: engine running time and the ignition time.

Diagnostic Mode (BITE - Built In Test Equipment) is designed for use by authorized service personnel, it allows you to monitor, activate and change the settings, as well as to diagnose without having to connect a laptop via built-in tools. This in turn greatly reduces downtime in the event of any malfunction, due to the fact that the service specialist goes to the client prepared for a particular task and armed with everything he needs, eliminating the time of delivery of spare parts, etc. Moreover, many problems can be eliminated without calling a service professional, as the reason of malfunction is displayed on the LCD.

Also, Maintenance reminder can be set and activated within the display panel.

All trucks are equipped with Nissan Risk Reduction System, which makes the main contribution to the safety of the operator. It includes: Automatic travel speed and acceleration reduction during turning is provided by Turn Control (1) while during fast truck travel Lift Control limits lift speed If the accelerator is released while on a gradient, a Rollback Control (1) device ensures that the truck can reverse only slowly at a constant speed. The parking brake features a lock to prevent accidental release. Mast Lock System automatically locks all lifting and tilting functions when the operator leaves the seat to prevent accidental operation. It is accompanied by an audible alarm and visual warning on the dashboard. The seat actuated Return-to-Neutral system is engaged when the operator leaves the seat while the transmission is in gear. It disengages the forward and reverse transmission solenoids within three seconds to prevent further forklift movement. The exclusive maintenance free Cushion Stability Control system (CSC) (2), improves lateral stability and provides confident driving while making turns. When cornering, the rubber shock absorber is compressed under the rear axle to help maintain good contact between the truck and the road. Rubber shock absorber also absorbs vibration, when the operator drives a forklift on uneven surfaces, helping to maintain a smooth, stable ride.

Nissan Forklift has traditionally paid much attention to raising productivity and efficiency of its equipment while reducing maintenance costs. For this purpose, AC-Tech has been developed and used for several years on the entire range of Nissan electric trucks. It combines electric motors that run on alternating current, and a controller that controls them, and other electronic systems of a truck. Alternating current (AC) motor is an induction motor, in which a current is induced in the rotor, and is not transmitted from the rotor to the stator. This means that it does not need many of the elements needed to run the motor at a direct current (DC), such as carbon brushes, etc. and, therefore, requires less maintenance. In general, the advantages of AC motors are:

  • Easier design
  • Higher performance
  • Less maintenance is required
  • Less heat generation
  • Better regenerative braking
  • Bette torque at low speed
  • Water and dust protected

Choosing the loading equipment, intelligent manager always pays attention to the economy. And electric vehicles - is no exception. The company Nissan Forklift, using a rich experience in the field of new electrical technologies from Renault-Nissan group(for instance, in the development of modern electric car Nissan Leaf), already offers regenerative braking technology for all, without exceptions, electric models.

We understand that customers need their materials handling equipment to keep on running, especially in high-demand operations. Our expert-trained and well motivated service network is rapidly available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Demix will also advise and support fleet customers in creating maintenance schedules, effective repair procedures and emergency parts stock to maximize productivity. Specialist training can also be provided for customer service engineers and forklift operators. Nissan Forklift trucks’ operational reliability is also enhanced by the ready availability and efficient supply of parts.

(1) - only for electric forklifts (2) - only for trucks with internal combustion engines