Mezzanine, based on hot-rolled profiles 08.05.2015

Enterprise IMVO has developed and implemented mezzanine, that combines the usage of racking elements and hot-rolled profiles.

Unique solution for "Lucas" company warehouse. 02.13.2015

Enterprise "IMVO" developed and implemented a unique project to equip the new warehouse of "Lucas" company.

IMVO company congratulates all partners, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 12.26.2014

We wish you fruitful work, good luck and new victories!

Quality of "IMVO" racking systems meets European requirements 12.26.2014

In October this year the quality of TM IMVO products was confirmed in compliance with European requirements. European testing center confirmed that the geometry of racking systems meet the requirements of EN 15512, EN 15620, EN 15629 and EN 15 635.

IMVO company presents an innovative paperless picking system — "Pick-to-light". 12.09.2014

From this year there is a new product in our portfolio, which allows to reduce operating costs and picking time – paperless picking system “Pick-to-light”.