A new activity direction - automation and mechanization of transport flows. 01.24.2012

Experts from IMVO formed the technical specification for the design and manufacturing of applications for mechanization and automation of goods flows in logistics centers, which can significantly reduce time and cost of goods handling.

Investment plan of IMVO production capacity growth in 2012 has been approved. 01.04.2012

An investment plan of production capacity growth in 2012 has been approved by the management of the "Scientific-Production Enterprise IMVO Ltd". Planned investment is more than 2 million UAH.

Improved quality of galvanized coating 12.28.2011

IMVO production division worked out advanced technological processes for galvanized zinc coating.

0-800-50-46-50 10.28.2011

From November 1 IMVO hotline is opened.
Call us; calls from fixed telephones within Ukraine are free!
We became even closer.

IMVO introduces innovative design and development of mechanized equipment for warehouse logistics 11.16.2010

In the course of 2010 IMVO specialists, for the first time in Ukraine, have developed and put into production a number of automatic and mechanized equipment for warehouse logistics.