Quality of "IMVO" racking systems meets European requirements

In October this year the quality of TM IMVO products was confirmed in compliance with European requirements. European testing center confirmed that the geometry of racking systems meet the requirements of EN 15512, EN 15620, EN 15629 and EN 15 635.
Elements of pallet storage racking systems were tested in compliance with specifications mentioned above. They include uprights of these models: STP.120.25, STP.120.20, STP.090.25, STP.090.20, STP.084.20, STP.084.15.

Photo 1. Upright bending test under paragraph A 2.10 of EN 15512 standard.

Photo 2. Beam destruction test.

Here is the list of all tests:
- tensile test (according to EN 10002-1.);
- bending test (according to EN ISO 7438.);
- compression test of upright part;
- test of upright compression (bending deformation effects);
- test of upright compression (determination of longitudinal bending curves);
- bending test of beam connectors;
- final test of beam connectors;
- test of connection with the floor;
- test for hardness (on the cut);
- bending test of upright sections;
- beam bending test.

During tests load was increasing until braking of the element and the final value was saved as the breaking load. It was confirmed that IMVO racking systems have safety margin up to 40% and can avoid the collapse in case of worker's mistake (upright hits, excessive load on the section, etc.). Accuracy of results is undeniable, because each test was repeated five times to get average results. EN norms clearly define responsibility of supplier and user. Compliance with these rules ensures the reliability of racking systems and their long service. All materials which are used in the production also comply with EN requirements. Compliance with European standards is one of important reliability indicators, which helps our company to implement storage solutions in Europe successfully.