Combined Racking


  • designed for storage of goods with special weight and dimension characteristics;
  • pallet storage is combined with technical solutions for selection of cargo at lower levels (widely used in sales networks of DIY format);
  • can combine several types of racks, for example:
    • combination of pallet racking and shelving rack of cantilever type (used in Cash & Carry format);
    • combination of pallet racking and shelving of lower storage levels (used in distribution centers of retail chains);
    • pallet rack with vertical storing profiles, rails, wall panels, etc. in lower tiers.

Combined rack is a combination of several types of racks in one. Pallet-shelving racking systems are designed for self-service stores. They are popular in the warehouse stores, hypermarkets and cash & carry supermarkets, as it provides the ability to store the most of commodity stock in the sales area without need in large warehouse. Combined racks are designed to accommodate general supply of cargo on pallets in the upper levels and on the shelves of the lower tiers for demonstration to customers.

Tiers for pallets are handled with a forklift or stacker, and the shelf - manually. Thus, stored products can be of any assortment: from food to building materials and products with special characteristics and dimensions. Due to these features, combined racks ensure optimum utilization of floor space. They are easy to use not only for staff but for buyers also. The combination of several systems in a single rack enables to increase operational efficiency and ensure prompt completion of combined racking usage.

Advantages of IMVO combined racking:

  • Combined system is based on proven pallet racking with wide capabilities for storage heights and loads;
  • Large range of accessories that adapt the system of warehouses to storing special goods;
  • Application of powder coating in any color of RAL-scale;
  • Development and production of any elements of the storage system to meet customer's requirements.
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