Cantilever Racking


  • Designed for storage of long goods (timber, pipes, profiles, packed chipboard plates, etc.).
  • Direct access to each load cell.
  • Increased efficiency of warehouse operations.

Single-sided cantilever


Double-sided cantilever

Advantages of IMVO cantilever racking:

  • Wide range of sizes depending on height and load.
  • Single- and double-sided options.
  • Option with a roof for outdoor installation.
  • 100 mm cantilever pitch.
  • Stable and reliable construction.
  • Polymeric coating and hot zinc coating.
  • Specification of accessories for any kind of storage technologies.
  • Design and production of construction elements, which adapt cantilever shelving for storing special goods.

Cantilever racks are metal constructions designed for storing of long and/or bulky cargo. This type of racking systems is used in shops or warehouses for storage of rolled metal, lumber, sheet material, profiles of various types, etc.

Unlike shelving or pallet racks, cantilever racking has no front racks. This allows to handle a variety of goods of any length. Tiered construction allows to store large amount of products even in small spaces. This provides direct access to each product unit. Cantilever racks are handled from the front. Products are available in single-and double-sided versions.

Constructive elements of cantilever rack: support stands, holding consoles and the basis. Screeds (tensioners with lanyards) and crosslinks give additional stiffness to the system. Assembling of the rack is carried out by using bolts, that makes it easier to disassembly the construction and to install it at the new location. Products are available in single-and double-sided versions.

Double-sided cantilever rack allows to handle cargoes from both sides, single-sided racks has one side only. Double-sided racks are installed to have access from both sides, single-sided racks are established right up against the wall. Cantilever racks withstand heavy loads, but bilateral construction is more stable as is loaded on both sides, creating a balance.

Single-sided storage racks are fixed to the wall, so the maximum load is less. For optimum selection of cantilever rack we have to know the dimensions of cargo, its weight and maximum lift height. Racks can increase the functionality after using of additional elements. For loading of cargo, which can slide down, the console can be fitted with limiters. It's also possible to equip cantilever racks with deckings. It allows to use them as shelvings to store any goods.


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