Mezzanine racking


  • designed for maximum use of warehouse height while storing and handling cargo (cartons, piece-goods, boxes, etc.). Mezzanines are especially relevant for small warehouses;
  • two main types of constructions:
  • multiplicity of design solutions provides optimal use of capacity of any storage facility;
  • increase of storage space in several times, depending on the number of layers;
  • storage solutions for almost any objects, including packaged unit, placed in containers, without packaging, etc.;
  • rational organization of storage flows, ability to work simultaneously on several levels.

Multi tier racking system


Platform mezzanine


Column based mezzanines are multi-storey steel constructions that are best suited for full use of warehouse height. These racking systems make the most use of storage space by increasing the number of storeys. Mezzanines allow to combine any types of racking: pallet, shelving or cantilever. They are equally used in small warehouses and large logistic centers. Mezzanines allow to store products simultaneously on several levels, providing rational warehouse flow and quick access to any storage unit. Mezzanine allows to place different cargo on the same system. That saves much space. Workers climb to the upper floors on the stairs with a handrail. Exploitation is carried out both by means cargo technics, as well as manually.

Safety and ease of operation are the basis of our manufacture. The price of mezzanines is calculated individually, taking into account numerous factors of further work.

Advantages of IMVO mezzanine constructions:

  • high stability of the construction and, consequently, comfortable working conditions for staff on the upper floor;
  • loading up to 1000 kg/m2;
  • fully mountable-dismountable system that allows vertical extension and reconfiguration;
  • various types of platform decking;
  • safety constructions take into account all peculiarities of operation conditions;
  • applying of ladders allows the use of transitional areas;
  • acceptance points of pallets are equipped with different types of sliding and folding safety gates;
  • experience of successful installation of 2100 sq.m. mezzanine;
  • integration with screw conveyors and pneumatic lifts.

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