Pallet racking


  • simplicity and efficiency of constructions;
  • immediate direct access to each storage unit;
  • efficient use of space and volume (up to 40-50%) of storage facilities;
  • wide adaptability to storage of any goods (all types of pallets, barrels, rolls and boxes);

Pallet racks are the most common type of storage racks. These systems are equally used in small warehouses and large logistics centers, being the most popular because of its simplicity. Pallet racking provides direct access to all units, that are stored on pallets of all types. These constructions can be installed in one or two lines with the required number of layers. Pallet Racking is a dismountable system that consists of following elements: frames, beams and horizontal inter-frame connections. Tiered storage allows maximum use of valuable warehouse space in height, increasing its capacity to 50%. Unlike other rack systems, pallet racks are characterized by lower investment and operating costs. Pallet racks are ideally suited for storage of the same type as well as the combined type of cargo, being a rational solution for a large range and high turnover.

Advantages of IMVO selective pallet racking:

  • specification of IMVO pallet racking provides storage solutions of required loads and heights;
  • high reliability, rigidity and stability against swinging;
  • double Deep system;
  • narrow aisle stackers system;
  • combination of pallet and shelving levels for picking;
  • outriggered arm provides additional pallet storage space;
  • powder coating of each element. Coatings with special properties for special applications;
  • individually designed elements enable any storage solutions;
  • protective elements that are tested and proven in extreme conditions;
  • development of specific and non-standard solutions: f. e. customs license warehouse.

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