• multipurpose use of mini-Racks for manual storage of various products;
  • wide opportunities of storage height and loading adjustment, ability to adjust the height of each shelf;
  • ergonomics and mobility of sections;
  • different types of shelves, including shelves for storing of heavy cargo.

mini-Rack is in demand everywhere. It is used in warehouses, supermarkets and archives. No wonder, this type of racks can easily solve the problem of storing and handling of various products.

mini-Rack is a solid construction which consist of beams, frames, shelves, jumpers, fastening systems (anchor bolts, regulating plates, interrow connections, etc.). This type can be equipped with various accessories - segregators, onlays, etc., which can accommodate equipment under various storage facilities. As material for the shelves we use chipboard deck, galvanized steel, polymer-coated steel or mesh. Shelving racks IMVO are made of high quality steel with all the individual specifications.

Advantages of IMVO mini-Racks:

  • Well-designed modular system that allows you to create solutions for storing any type of goods.
  • High strength of shelving. 50mm vertical adjustment of storage levels.
  • Option: mobile shelving sections.
  • Specification of shelves for different loads.
  • Powder coating in any color of RAL-scale. Hot-dip galvanising is available.
  • Wide range of accessories for various applications
  • Design and manufacturing of special elements, to adapt design to specific requirements of logistics and warehousing.
  • Development and production of shelving according to individual specifications.

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