Special Storage Solutions

IMVO specialists have developed and implemented a big variety of special storage solutions.

Licensed customs warehouse with high storage solution

Special features:

  • Racking fencing system is made in accordance with the technical requirements of the State Customs Committee of Ukraine.
  • For supply of goods and passage of personnel hinged gates and doors are in-built into fencing
  • Scheme of goods flow is organically integrated into the structural part of a large logistic center.

Three-tier mezzanine construction

Special features:

  • Storage and picking up of a large range of goods on a limited area of a high building
  • First level - pallet storage

Storage of rolls

Special features:

  • Storage of long rolls: 2,0 - 4,0 m
  • Handling of goods with a forklift truck.
  • Protection of all columns by column guards, protection of corners by reinforced corner guards, floor mounted frame end protection bars for preventing wheels of a forklift truck hitting the racking.

DIY Supermarket

Special features:

  • Complex equipment for DIY supermarkets
  • A variety of accessories to fit DIY-format, namely - separators, dividers, tiles exhibiting frames, cross-bars, special cantilever shelves, etc.

Racking for storage of drums

Special features:

  • Storage of drums with diameter up to 2.1 m and weight up to 3000 kg
  • Handling of drums with a common forklift truck

Special cantilever rack

Special cantilever rack is designed for storage of long cargo on several tiers from the floor. Racks are loaded and unloaded by lift trucks or manually. Special cantilever rack is designed by IMVO, it has several advantages in comparison with conventional cantilever racks. You can read an option of specifications, it can be changed according to any drawings.

Special features:

  • racks are exploited by standard forklifts from the front, while conventional cantilever racks require special equipment;
  • construction facilitates loading and unloading of cargo; 
  • racks are collapsible and can be easily dismantled; 
  • better access to cargo.

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