Drive In / Drive Through


  • maximum warehouse space utilization (up to 80%). Use of drive-in/ drive-through racking saves significantly floor area of the storing facilities;
  • low cost equipment compared with other high density storage technologies;
  • drive-in/ drive-through racking is designed for storing large volumes of similar products with a low turnover ratio;
  • In one racking compartment can be stored only one SKU.

Drive-In Racks are the ideal equipment for storage of large amounts of the same products or long shelf life and low turnover products. This type of shelving is often used in low-temperature warehouses, particularly in food and pharmaceutical industries. It's the optimal solution for storing of seasonal products in order to create buffer stocks. Cargo vehicles enter deeply into racking system.

The main advantage of using of Drive In racks is high density shelving storage due to removing the aisles between rows. This makes entry racks particularly advantageous in warehouses with very high cost of storage space. Handling equipment drives into the racking system. Drive In racks provide secure block storage of products, which are too fragile or not adapted for stacking one on top of another. Especially advantageous is using of these racks in warehouses with expensive storage area. Pallets are installed inside the channels, which are formed with frames of pallet rack. Due to the lack of passes between constructions Drive In racks allow to place cargo more closely, utilizing the maximum area of the warehouse. In comparison with pallet racks, drive-in racks increase the storage area almost doubled and take 80% of the total floor space.

Principles of handling:

Drive-in racks are handled according to the «LIFO» principle (last in, first out) when loading and unloading of pallets are made from one end of the rack.

Drive-through racks are handled according to the «FIFO» principle (first in, first out). Pallets are loaded on a rack on one side and unloaded from the other. In the first case, pallet, which was installed first, will be shipped last. This method is used to store the same type of product with a long shelf life. In the second case, pallet, placed first, will be shipped first. This method is used for products of high turnover.

Advantages of IMVO drive-in/drive-through pallet racks:

  • pallet rails with modified cross section configuration are characterized by high mechanical strength.
  • 50 mm vertical adjustability.
  • different types of coatings for different operation conditions.
  • reliable pallets guides for stackers.
  • load distribution elements for insufficiently strong floors.
  • high stability design due to diagonal bracing.

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