Steel Constructions

Scientific-Production Enterprise "IMVO" designs and manufactures steel constructions and technological equipment for companies of different economic sectors: coal, food, chemicals, communications, energy, trade, agriculture. The company manufactures constructions according to customer's specifications. 

Metal constructions for building

  • supporting constructions for theaters;
  • carriageway and pedestrian bridges;
  • fencing of industrial and civil areas; 
  • stairs, ladders, fences, railings;
  • mobile communication towers;
  • welded frame constructions;
  • bars of different types;
  • monorails, crane bars;
  • farms of profile pipes;
  • mast constructions;
  • welded columns;
  • rubbish chutes;
  • atriums.

Road construction appointment

  • lighting and network support;
  • archs for indication signs;
  • sound proof screens;
  • movement joints;
  • turnstile fence.

SPE "IMVO" was involved in overhauls of Horodotska, Lychakivska and Konovalets streets' carriageway.

Metal storage containers

  • Multipurpose roller container;
  • Mash container on a pallet;
  • Telescopic roller container;
  • Mash transport container;
  • Open transport container;
  • Side stitch of pallets;
  • Mash pallet capping;
  • Pallet capping.

Steel frames of buildings
"IMVO" has considerable experience in design and manufacturing of frame constructions for production and non-production purposes. Our products were used in building of "Ryksos-Prykarpattia" complex, reconstruction of brewery "Ukraine" market place, at Nowowolynsk mines and many other projects.

Steel building frames are based on transverse frames connected together in horizontal and vertical planes into one system. Buildings are can be single-span and multi-span. Column step is 6-9 m., aisles — 6-42 m. IMVO can produce the whole frame or separate elements.

Metal road bridges

Road collapsible bridge ARM-1 (middle Motor Transport collapsible bridge) is designed for building of new or temporary bridges in a short time.
IMVO delivers workstations in the following options:
- single-span or multi-span;
- single-track or double-track.

The kit includes:
- group of span constructions;
- group of supports.

Traffic metal bridge
Traffic metal bridge is designed for installation across rivers, canals on secondary roads. Bridge deck is of corrugated steel. For the safety there are metal handrails. It can be supplied with metal track or without it.

Metal bridges for roads of local arrangement

Frame constructions (archs) for traffic pointing

Frame constructions (arches) for directing signs Arches are designed to be placed on road signs. They are placed above the carriageway of I-III category highways. Anti-corrosive coating is hot-dip galvanizing.

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Mobile communication towers

Towers of this type are designed for the needs of mobile operators, they are able to withstand high wind loads. The towers contain the appropriate platform for installing of antennas at various levels of the structure.

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