• Pallet racking
    Pallet racking

    We offer following frontal storage systems:

    • frontal pallet racking
    • double deep
    • narrow aisle systems

    Height of storage is up to 12 meters (in some cases up to 14m). We also have developed pallet racking for high load levels.

  • Drive In / Drive Through
    Drive In / Drive Through

    Meeting the latest market demands, IMVO has developed a number of high density storage systems:

    • drive-in and drive-through pallet racking
    • push back systems
    • pallet gravity racking
  • Mobile racks
    Mobile racks

    Mobile systems on rail platforms, that are set in motion by remote control.

    • designed to maximize the area of the warehouse;
    • reduce the cost of maintenance of the warehouse;
    • minimize investment and operating costs;
    • wide storage opportunities.
  • mini-Rack

    Universal modular system for storing of any cargo.

    The most popular type of racks 

    Can be integrated with another storage systems:

    • mezzanines
    • combined racks (cash & carry)
  • Cantilever Racking
    Cantilever Racking

    We produce cantilever systems in 2 versions:

    • one-sided cantilever
    • two-sided cantilever

    Racks are produced for various goods up to super heavy.

  • Combined Racking
    Combined Racking

    Versions of the combined racking:

    • Racks of Cash & Carry format
    • pallet racking at the top and shelving at the bottom (used in distribution centers, retail chains)
    • pallet racking with arrangement for vertical storage of profiles, rails, etc. on the lower levels.
  • Mezzanine racking
    Mezzanine racking

    We produce two types of constructions:

    • multi-tier racking systems
    • platform mezzanines

    Extensive experience of solution implementation.
    A mezzanine with total area of ​​2,100 sq.m. was developed and implemented.

  • Gravity flow racks
    Gravity flow racks

    IMVO is the only manufacturer of gravity flow racks in Ukraine
    Two versions available:

    • pallet flow racks
    • gravitational shelving racks

    It integrates well with transport systems. That significantly reduces the price of handling and speeds up processing.

  • Special Storage Solutions
    Special Storage Solutions

    Availability of our own design and production facilities allows IMVO to create special and original solutions for warehouse logistics and retail:

    • unique racking for storage of heavy rolls
    • customs and licensing warehouse area with fences
    • comprehensive solution for supermarkets DIY, etc.
  • Accessories

    Wide range of accessories for storage systems:

    • column guards;
    • pallet back stops;
    • mesh fencing;
    • cross-bars and supports;
    • guides for narrow aisle trucks.
  • Steel Constructions
    Steel Constructions

    Page in progress

  • Movement joints
    Movement joints

    General characteristics:

    • provide smooth passage of vehicles over the bridges;
    • provide full leakproofness;
    • protect the bridge from premature destruction;
    • recommended for widespread use in all transport facilities.


Storage of goods is an important part of production and sales procedures and provides alignment of consumption (sales) and supply (production) of goods in the appropriate place and at the appropriate time. While starting storage of goods you expect a selective picking of them afterwards and plan efficient use of storage space (of your own or rented). You also care about cost-effective warehouse operations and safety of operation.

IMVO offers solutions for optimized use of storage space by developing, manufacturing and installing racking structures, with consideration of specific characteristics of goods and specific requirements for storage. Our products form the basis for various logistics solutions, reliability and quality of which is appreciated by two thousand enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.

  • You want to increase the usable area of ​​your warehouse without building or renting additional space - use our multi-tier mezzanines
  • You have seasonal accumulation of raw materials or finished products - use our high density storage systems
  • You need to store parts or assemblies at assembly lines - use our mini-Rack.

If necessary, we adapt our systems to special applications.

We welcome assistance of all who are concerned about their own performance, who, in these difficult times, do not forget about the creation of the future.

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